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Genesis 1:27 Bible Verse WITH Symbol Supports + Bible Boom Cards™

Genesis 1:27 Bible Verse WITH Symbol Supports + Bible Boom Cards™

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The Digital Version is hosted on Boom. A tutorial is provided in this download on how to redeem the digital version through the free version of their app and website.
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Adam and Eve Adapted Book WITH Symbol Supports + Bible Boom Cards™

Are you looking for an interactive way to teach the Adam and Eve? The interactive Bible Story for kids includes Bible visuals and symbol supports to help children with special needs, ESL/ELL, and children learning to read to be engaged and excited to learn and dig into God's Word. This Bible Adapted Book can be used in your church Pre-School Ministry, Children's Ministry, Special Needs Ministry, school, homeschool, or for parents to use with their child. 
This interactive Bible Adapted Book includes symbol supports to help learners understand spoken language and big concepts from the Bible. Symbol supports are essential in helping all children communicate. They provide access to material, support understanding, and encourage participation. It allows individuals with special needs to be engaged and connect to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as they learn the Holy Bible.
Adapted Bible Stories with visual supports can be used from non-to-beginning readers. Bible symbol picture support helps special education students, kids learning to read, kids with autism, and ESL/ELL to be more engaged in reading and comprehending the Bible Stories.  

ABOUT BIBLE BOOM CARDS™ Digital Activities?

  • Audio is included.
  • Bible GIFs are included to grab attention, illustrate ideas from the Bible Story, and make the Bible Story come to life.
  • Bible Symbol Supports to spark communication and encourages essential Gospel conversations. 
  • Instant Feedback
  • Use with Google Classroom®
  • Use with Seesaw 


Special Note: Print = PDF Download | Digital = Boom Cards™
  • Adam and Eve Interactive Bible Story with visual supports. (3 formats) | Print + Digital                  

Option 1: Bible Listening Station with GIFs.
Option 2: Match the Bible Vocabulary Words.
Option 3: Fill in the Blank

  • Short Version Included (Print + Digital) | Color and BW
  • Bible Core Words and Fringe Words Chart 
  • Review Questions for Bible Reading Comprehension. (3 versions)           

Option 1: Point to ______.
Option 2: Is this _______?
Option 3: Multiple Choice - 2 choices Option 4: Multiple Choice - 3 choices

Note: Options 1 and 2 provide REAL photos and are a great way to show that the Bible is real and everything in the Bible is True. 

  • Puzzles Boom Cards™ (4 Levels available)
  • Sequencing the Days of Creation. (3 versions) | (Print + Digital)                        

Option 1: First/Then
Option 2: Matching
Option 3: Fill in the Blank

  • Bible Game Boom Cards™: (Name the Animals with Real Photos, Find the picture, and play a Barrier Game)


  • Special Needs Ministry
  • Sunday School
  • Preschool Ministry
  • Children's Ministry
  • Special Education
  • Distance Learning
  • Whole Group
  • Small Group
  • Independent
  • Homework
  • Centers
  • Elem learning: Kindergarten, first grade, second grade
  • Special Education Setting
  • Homeschool
  • Parents
  • Teacher tools
  • Christian Education
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